Smitten in the Mitten 


We are real, we are fun, and sometimes we are REAL FUN!

We are OCD about linens and all the small details. We obsess over your decor until your wedding day. We emotionally invest ourselves in you and your wedding and can’t help it. This is not just business, it’s personal. We would’t let you have an ugly wedding or spend too much money on those Kate Spade shoes, wait, just kidding of course theres room in your budget for Kate Spade shoes! We are organized but not uptight. We are disciplined but not obnoxious. We are straight forward but not rude. We like to hear your ideas, and unless of course you have a bad idea, we make it happen. Did we say we were honest?!



We do WEDDINGS. And we LOVE it. 

xo Janelle & Ellen - JanEllen




Welcome to Harbor Springs!

The Main Street Collaborative  . 156 E Main